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The TQUK Board

The Board

The Board is TQUK’s Governing Body. Board members meet quarterly and are responsible for reviewing the performance of TQUK’s activities, as a recognised awarding organisation and our compliance with Ofqual’s Conditions of Recognition.

Richard Dorrance

Chair of the Board

Richard joined Training Qualifications UK as Chair of the Board in April 2014 having previously spent 19 years working as Chief Executive of CACHE, guiding its expansion into qualifications for teaching assistants.

With extensive experience of education and qualification design, Richard helped to devise and introduce England’s first National Curriculum in 1989 and he subsequently became Chief Executive of the Schools Examination and Assessment Council, the precursor of Ofqual in 1991. The level of knowledge and experience which Richard brought to TQUK in 2014 was like nothing we had encountered before and his leadership has helped to forge our path ever since. The board is in very capable hands with Richard at the helm.

Richard also serves as:

  • Chair of the Board of Trustees (National Extension College)
  • Chair of the Board and Trustee (Open School Trust)
  • Advisor to the Board (Gordon Associates)
  • Company Secretary and Finance Director (Brilliant Publications Ltd)

Jo Haigh

Non-Executive Board Member

Jo Haigh is the CEO and founder of fds, which has bases in London, Birmingham and Yorkshire.

Joining Training Qualifications UK in April 2014, experienced dealmaker Jo specialises in putting together the right deal at the right time – and in the right format – for growing businesses throughout the country. For TQUK, Jo provides great insight into how to develop and grow a successful business from the ground up.

Meticulous with our finances and helping us to grow into the right areas, Jo continues to be the guiding light for Training Qualifications UK. Through every step of our growth (end-point assessment, international hubs, moving offices), Jo has been at the heart of ensuring that we have the financial stability to support the direction we collectively agree upon.

She also plays a key role in nurturing the growth of our Senior Management Team, coaching and mentoring the SMT to ensure that all aspects of our business are understood. Jo looks at large scale projects from every angle, ensuring that every aspect is understood and evaluated before implementation. Her presence on the board ensures that every decision we make is meticulously planned, ensuring viability and success.

Andrew Walker

Managing Director

Andrew is Training Qualifications UK’s Managing Director and is responsible for gaining our Ofqual approval back in 2013. Since then he has worked relentlessly to promote the TQUK brand and build our team into what we are today – an Awarding Organisation for the 21st century.

Acting as the Responsible Officer, Andrew is accountable to the regulator for TQUK’s compliance and oversees all operations within the business. Under Andy’s guidance, Training Qualifications UK has evolved from being the new kids on the block to our status as one of the leading Awarding and End-Point Assessment Organisations in the sector.

Andrew can often be caught in the office humming along to Take That or Michael Buble, debating the weekend’s Premier League results (in particular the red side of Manchester) or professing his love for authentic Chinese cuisine – we’ll let him tell you all about it.

Katie Orr

Awarding Director

Katie joined Training Qualifications UK after a near-five year spell at our regulator Ofqual. There she held several roles, including Investigations Officer/Caseworker, and her experience at our industry’s regulator has proved invaluable over the years. She’s the backbone of our regulatory compliance.

As Awarding Director, Katie is responsible for shaping the strategic direction of TQUK, researching qualification areas to expand into, identifying new clients and ensuring that TQUK is compliant with all regulations. She also oversees the performance and operations of all departments.

Outside of work, Katie is a passionate spokesperson for cats and often campaigns for the office to become a pet haven. Sadly a mix of allergies and office rules have blocked such a movement. Still, she shakes it off and has a few epic Taylor Swift playlists to make up for the lack of felines.

Kelle McQuade

End-Point Assessment Director

Kelle joined Training Qualifications UK in 2017 after a long career at Milton Keynes College. In early 2018 it was announced that Kelle would become our Head of End-Point Assessment Organisation before, more recently in 2019, evolving into our End-Point Assessment Director.

During her time here, she has been instrumental in turning TQUK into the industry-leading End-Point Assessment Organisation that it is today.

As End-Point Assessment Director, Kelle is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of TQUK as an End-Point Assessment Organisation. She oversees all operations of the End-Point Assessment Team, making sure TQUK complies with all End-Point Assessment regulations whilst she’s also in charge of building relationships with employers, training provider, trailblazer groups, and regulatory bodies.

Kelle is one of the office’s best athletes. Constantly dazzling us with her performances at marathons and obstacle courses, she’s in it to win it. To wind down, Kelle will tell you all about her love of Cher, weekly cinema trips and her latest recipe for the best chocolate brownies you’ll ever taste.

Tom Costigan

Head of Operations

Tom signed with Training Qualifications UK as an Account Manager back in the early days when TQUK had only a handful of qualifications to offer. Now, Tom finds himself as Head of Operations and responsible for overseeing the Operations Team and the Client Relationship Team, a testament to the commitment and hard work that he has put into TQUK.

Liaising with the other teams across the business, Tom ensures that TQUK stays up to date with the latest technologies and software that can improve a Centre’s experience working with us. His passion for problem-solving and simplifying systems means that he is the perfect leader and champion for TQUK’s approach to customer service. When they say it can’t be done, Tom finds a way to do it.

Tom loves to travel, for business and pleasure. Napoli, Italy is a particular favourite of this where he can flex his Italian language skills. But he says of all the places he’s been around the world, Manchester is still his favourite. Looking to strike up a conversation with Tom? Manchester United, cats, NFL, and Doctor Who are great starting points.

Paul Morrison

Head of Quality & Compliance

Having been with Training Qualifications UK almost since the very beginning, Paul started with the company as an Account Manager but worked his way up to become our Head of Quality and Compliance. Over the years, he’s become an unstoppable dynamo in the quality sector, taking TQUK’s quality processes to new, efficient heights.

Paul understands the need for a flexible but fair approach to our Quality processes, sometimes problem-solving isn’t so black and white. Sometimes, of course, it absolutely has to be black and white but he’s built his Quality Team to be supportive to centres and learners so that the best outcome can be achieved in as many situations as possible.

Paul gives Kelle a solid run for her money in the athletics department since he’s a regular runner and rock climber himself. You can regularly catch him serenading the TQUK team with his love for watches and Hong Kong culinary delights and his latest uphill 10K run.

Danielle Fallon

Head of Sales & Marketing

Danielle joined Training Qualifications UK with an impressive pedigree of ten years experience in Education and Awarding, so we couldn’t resist the opportunity to bring her on board.

As Head of Sales and Marketing, Danielle is the face of the business, regularly taking the TQUK show on the road. Dan engages with both new and current centres, ensuring everyone has everything they need to be successful no matter what stage of the TQUK journey they are on. Danielle’s passion is to understand your business better, not tell you how we do things, but ask what we can do for you.

She generates leads, negotiates new partnerships in line with TQUK’s strategic direction, promotes the TQUK brand to all who will listen and identifies new and emerging markets for us to explore.

When she’s not shouting about the wonders and benefits of working with TQUK, she loves chatting about all things sport (Manchester City tends to come up in conversation during the football season), live music (an avid festival goer, Kendal Calling is a particular favourite), or the last centre she visited and is excited about working with. Never a dull moment when Dan is around!