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The TQUK Board

The Board is TQUK’s Governing Body. Board members meet quarterly and are responsible for reviewing the performance of TQUK’s activities, as a recognised awarding organisation and our compliance with Ofqual’s Conditions of Recognition.


Richard Dorrance

Richard is thrilled to be joining the Board of TQUK, the UK’s newest Awarding Organisation. He is particularly impressed by TQUK’s provision of high quality customer service through its dedicated and enthusiastic workforce who have expert knowledge of its qualifications, and its modern systems and qualifications which appeal to employers and which are specifically designed to meet the needs of learners and training providers.

Richard has extensive experience of education and qualification design. In 1989, he devised and introduced England’s first National Curriculum and then became Chief Executive of the Schools Examination and Assessment Council, the precursor of Ofqual. In both roles, he reported to the Secretary of State for Education. For the next 19 years, he was Chief Executive of CACHE, guiding its expansion into qualifications for teaching assistants and playworkers, and more recently into health, dentistry and pharmacy, building up its income from £1.6m to £9m. He was a member of the Board of the Federation of Awarding Bodies, FAB, for 4 years a board member of one of England’s largest FE colleges for 4 years, and he has also been Chief Executive of the Early Years National Training Organisation.


Jo Haigh

Jo Haigh is a partner in fds Corporate Finance Services, with bases in London, Birmingham and Yorkshire, and a partner in the fds Group, a specialist training and development business.

An experienced dealmaker, Jo specialises in putting together the right deal at the right time and in the right format for growing businesses throughout the country. She has bought and sold over 300 companies in the last 20 years specialising in owner managed companies.

She is a regular presenter for the Institute of Directors on corporate governance and mergers and acquisitions.

As a Partner of fds group, a highly successful training and consultancy organisation she founded at the start of the 90’s, she has held circa 40 + Non-Executive Roles over that period in companies across the country and helped many businesses through successful transactions. She has sold 3 of her own companies and undertaken 2 personal MBO’s.

She is a Visiting Fellow at The University of Leeds where she delivers the Corporate Governance development programme for all academic staff wishing to hive off new companies, in addition to training and developing non-executive directors appointed to University Companies whose role is to represent University interests.

She is currently Non-Executive Director of 6 companies; Anchor Magnets Ltd, Sticky Content Ltd, Talent Training and Talent services Holding Ltd, TPD Corporate Finance and Imperative Training Ltd. She also sits on the board for the Angelus Advisory Group, and has a close affiliate relationship with ABG (Arram Berlyn Gardner www.abggroup.co.uk) providing their corporate finance services.


  • Finalist for the 2011 IoD Awards in the Business Advisor Category
  • Finalist in the 2011 Sue Ryder Women of Achievement Awards
  • Recently published a book for the FT called Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • RealBusiness.co.uk columnist
  • On the advisory board of the Angelus Advisory Group
  • Part of the judging panel for the Growing Business Awards 2010
  • Short listed for the Forward Ladies Women in Business Awards 2010 in the Corporate Leader category.
  • Named in the Yorkshire Post top 100 entrepreneurs 2010.
  • Finalist to final 3 stage in the Women of the Future Awards – Mentor of the Year category 2009
  • Winner of IoD Business Advisor of the Year 2009 and 2006
  • Nominated for Financial News’ Top 100 Most Influential Women in Finance 2009.
  • Entered into the 2008 edition of “Who’s Who of Britain’s Business Elite”.
  • Finalist in the First Women CBI Awards 2007, in the Finance category.
  • Voted ‘Star Speaker’ and ‘Outperforming Speaker’ at the Vistage Annual Speakers Awards 2008 2007, 2006 and 2005.
  • Jo is an Ambassador of Huddersfield along with Joanne Harris.
  • Selected as a ‘woman of achievement’ at the prestigious Women of the Year lunch, which brings together outstanding women from all walks of life. The ceremony was held in London on October 16, 2006.
  • Jo was one of the first corporate financiers in the country to receive a new qualification based on her past experience alone. The prestigious advanced diploma in corporate finance was awarded by the Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales.
  • Recipient of a 2006 Woman of Achievement Award by the American Biographical Institute.
  • Yorkshire Businesswoman of the Year 2005
  • Her first book, The Business Rules, published 2005 and 2006, was such a success that a foreign rights deal has been confirmed with a publisher in China. Jo’s second book, An Entrepreneur’s Guide, was published in March 2007 and her third book, Tales from the Glass Ceiling – A Survival Guide for Women in Business, was published in June 2008 and sold out of its first reprint after 5 days.  It was best selling business book of the year 2008 selling over 500k copies.


Andrew Walker

I was responsible for leading TQUK through the recognition process with Ofqual. Now that we are approved it is my role to ensure that we continue this relentless drive and determination to remain fully compliant with the general conditions and grow to become one of the leading. Awarding Organisations in the UK renowned for our world class customer service and our comprehensive range of qualifications.

I report to, and sit on both the Advisory Panel and Board/Governing Body where any actions given will be disseminated by me to the Senior Management Team and colleagues.

I oversee the day-to-day operation of TQUK and carry out the role of the single, named person of responsibility and the authoritative point of contact for Ofqual in relation to all regulated activities undertaken by TQUK. In particular in relation to:

  • any matters relating to our compliance with Ofqual’s Conditions of Recognition,
  • our ability to undertake the efficient development, delivery and award of qualifications,
  • the standards of qualifications that we deliver or propose to deliver and make available,
  • any matters which may affect public confidence in qualifications, and
  • the accessibility of our qualifications, including our compliance with Equalities Law

I also sit on the Board/Governing Body, where I present the activities of TQUK and disseminate any actions given to the Senior Management Team.


KatieKatie Orr

Before joining TQUK as Head of Awarding Organisation, Katie worked at Ofqual learning about everything ‘compliance’. Her duties at Ofqual included:

– Establishing and maintaining regulatory relationships through a programme of proactive and reactive    communications, meetings and events
– Maintaining in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of regulatory and policy documents and requirements
– Making judgments and giving advice on compliance issues
– Promoting joined up working between teams and co-ordinating information sharing
– Continuous process improvement to reduce regulatory burden and increase effective working

Now she works closely with Managing Director Andrew Walker to shape TQUK’s strategic direction and oversees the other departments.


Paul MorrisonPaul Morrison

Paul is our Quality Manager and responsible for coordinating the work of our Subject Experts, External Verifiers and in-house quality staff. Beginning as an Account Manager, Paul progressed to Quality Manager after showing an inclination towards all things process, making him perfect for ensuring all of the awards that TQUK makes are made in line with the procedures we have in place to ensure validity. He can answer any question there is about our quality assurance processes.


Tom CostiganTom Costigan

Tom started with us as an Account Manger back in the early days when TQUK had only a handful of qualifications to offer. He is now the Operations Manager and responsible for managing the Client Relationship team and co-ordinating his teams work with the other departments. Liaising with the Business Development Team, the Quality Assurance Team and the Qualifications Development Team, he is responsible for ensuring all of our centres receive the level of service they have come to expect.