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Our Centres

Training Qualifications UK welcomes the opportunity to work with international providers to help learners pursue careers using UK-regulated qualifications.

Training Qualifications UK is the fastest growing Awarding Organisation across the UK, boasting award wins, first class customer service and a flexible and responsive approach to qualification development.

Regulated by Ofqual since 2013, we have over 500 centres worldwide, and over 100,000 learners per year across 81 countries and regions including USA, India, Greece, Cyprus, Russia, Spain, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Malaysia. Our reputation as a world-class provider of internationally recognised qualifications is growing fast.


TQUK International Centres

International Centres wishing to work with TQUK, pending approval, would be subject to the same centre agreement as our UK centres whilst being subject to quality monitoring.

Our international awarding programme includes:

The quickest turnaround of certificates in the UK
Recognised skills across the world with British certificates
Assessment of recognised international industry standards
Undertaken consultancy in over 80 countries around the world with National Governments

International Centre Approval

Our international approval process works much in the same way as our UK centre approval process, as straightforwardly as possible. We realise that every centre is different and we work closely with each applicant to really understand your business.

There are criteria we have to apply but we understand that there will be different ways of meeting those criteria. For more information on our centre recognition process and fees, please click here.

International Endorsed Courses

The ability to develop customised training courses is popular amongst our International Centres. We declare that we have confidence in your ability to develop and deliver quality courses of learning in your areas of expertise.

Whilst we don’t have a hand in defining the content of these courses, or design, mark or monitor the assessments, the TQUK International endorsement status shows that you are consistently meeting the high standards that we demand from our centres. For more information on these endorsed courses, please visit TQUK Endorsed Courses List.

Here listed our approved(a), endorsed(e) and partner(p) centres in the Greater China and Southeast Asia regions:

(Last updated: February 21st, 2020)


  • A Education Centre (a)  
  • Agape Planet Training Academy (a)
  • Ali’s Institute of Aromatherapy (a)    
  • Art Point Studio (a)    
  • Asia Pacific Academy for Professional Development (a)
  • Association of Certified Wedding Planner (a)   
  • Beauti22 International Limited (a)  
  • Beauty Expert International Academy (a)    
  • Beauty Tech Institute Limited (a)  
  • Belle’s Workshop (a) 
  • Canary® Education Group (International) Limited (a) 
  • Centrepoint International Limited (a)   
  • CIS Protection Company (a)   
  • CRT Consultant Limited (a)  
  • Denra Production (International) Limited (a)    
  • Ella Beauty International School Limited (a)   
  • Emergency Care Training (a) 
  • Empathy Beauty Company Limited (a)   
  • ER Sport Education Limited (a)     
  • Evoke Academy (a)    
  • Faroma Workshop (a)   
  • First Footprint (a)    
  • FQ Education Academy (HK) Limited (e)    
  • Future Power Training Center (a)  
  • Genius Quest Global Limited (a)  
  • GLOW Makeup Academy by Janice Lam (a)    
  • Grand Aesthetic Academy (a)      
  • Grandway International Education (a)   
  • Harmony World Music Centre (a)   
  • Helpers Learning Centre (a)  
  • Hong Kong College of Technology (a)    
  • HK Excellent Institute Ltd (a) 
  • The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Living Life Academy (p)   
  • Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society (a)    
  • Hong Kong Lash Association    
  • HKLovemama International Training Association (e)    
  • Hong Kong M.C. Association Limited (a)   
  • HK Professional Bakery & Confectionery Vocational Training Centre (a)   
  • Hong Kong Professional Groomers Association (a)  
  • Hong Kong Professional Mediation Association (a)   
  • Hong Kong Society of Professional Medical Care (a)   
  • Icon Medical Group (a)   
  • Imperial Academy Limited (a)  
  • Institution of International Certification Educational Limited (a)   
  • International Beauty Professionals Validation Association (a)   
  • International Chinese Medicine and Integrative Manual Therapy Association (a)  
  • International Federation of Holistic Aromatherapy (a)   
  • International Institute of Semi-Permanent Make Up Limited (a)  
  • International Manual Therapy Association (a)   
  • Lashy Lashy (a)    
  • Literacy Asia Limited (a)   
  • Llegend International Training Institute (a)   
  • London School of Aromatherapy (Hong Kong) Limited (a) 
  • Luster Beauty International Education And Training Centre (a)   
  • MaMa Care Centre Limited (a)    
  • Mamahelpers Academy (a)   
  • Momcare Education Limited (a)    
  • M Program (a)   
  • My Baby Tears (a)   
  • My Fitness (a)   
  • M&A Eyelash Beauty Limited (a)    
  • New Age Caregiver Academy (a)  
  • Phonics Education Association Limited (a)    
  • Piccolo Monte International Kindergarten (a)    
  • PN Centre (a)    
  • Postnatal Care & Regimen Professional Association (a)   
  • Pui Ching Academy (a)    
  • Shinny Performance Training Group Limited (a)   
  • Shiny Forest (a)   
  • Smart Academy (a)   
  • Springs Programme (a)     
  • Star International Training Centre Limited (a)


  • Centro de Educacao Cultural de Actividade Musical E de Arte de Representacao Mima (a) 
  • Centro de Educacao Imagem e Etiqueta Internacional Talentos Juntos II (a)   
  • Centro de Educacao Kam Kuok (a)  
  • Centro de Educacao Organica (a)   
  • Centro de Educacao Prospective (a)   
  • Centro de Educacao Pro-Talento (a)  
  • Centro de Educacao Super Star (a)  
  • Centro de Educacao Tat Ian (e)  
  • Centro de Formacao Penny (a)   
  • Fong Em Education Co. Ltd. (a)  
  • Macau Professional Nutritionist Association (a)   
  • Milestone Training Centre (a)   
  • Open Minds Education Centre I (a)  
  • Reiki Pure Personal Care Consultant (a)
  • Supreme Culture Communication Limited (e) 
  • Vao International Education Company Limited (e)   
  • Z Beauty Company Limited (e)   


  • Eastern Royal International Limited (a)  
  • Genius Quest Global Limited (a)  
  • P.L.G Academy (a)
  • Shanghai Training Medical Technology Co Ltd (a)  
  • Shenzhen Abundance International Education (a)  
  • Shenzhen Emperor Ballet Dance Education and Arts Co., Ltd. (a) 
  • Shenzhen Frankie Tsang Style Education Technology Co Ltd (a) 
  • Vocal Music Association of Zhuhai (e) 
  • Xiamen Han Xi Education Consultancy Limited (e)
  • Xiamen TCH Solution Limited (a)
  • Xiamen Zhi Hai Da Education Consultancy Limited (e)
  • Zhuhai Jilian Yinglun Art Training Centre (e)


  • Chen Xing Morningstar INC (a) 
  • Chinese Industry Talent Certification Association (a)   
  • Chinese Medical Professional & Health Management Association (a) 
  • Chihlee University of Technology (a)   
  • Colorys Health & Beauty Consultancy Co Ltd (a)
  • Fadrogroup International Consulting Co Ltd (e)    
  • Fuju Home Management Consultation Company (e)    
  • HungKuang University (p)   
  • International Blue Angel Co Ltd (e)    
  • International Han Institute (a)   
  • MingDao University (p)   
  • Ming Yan Cooking School (e)   
  • Mr Chuo’s Education Center for Specialty Coffee (e)   
  • Ontheup International Co Ltd (a)   
  • Taiwan SWT Education Consultancy Limited (e)
  • Taiwan Taoyuan Lohas Yoga Association (a)   
  • Transgene Biotech Company Limited (a)   
  • Xtremes Beauty International Co Ltd (a)   
  • Yuncheng International Consultation Co Ltd (a)   


  • ABS Renew Academy International Plt (a)     
  • Advance Auto Academy (e) 
  • Aery Jo Academy Sdn Bhd (a)   
  • AFAL Academy Sdn. Bhd. (e) 
  • Akademi Ayu Jelita Sdn Bhd (e)  
  • Alight Management (e)  
  • Ambitious Academy Sdn Bhd (a)   
  • Apextar Academy (a)   
  • Backstage Academy (e)  
  • Beauart Creative Studio Academy (e)
  • Beaute Legend Sdn. Bhd. (e)
  • Beauty Skills Academy Sdn Bhd (a)   
  • Career Catalytic Sdn Bhd (e)   
  • Carella Beauty Parlour (e) 
  • Carols Academy & Consultant Sdn Bhd (e)   
  • Célèbre Image Sdn Bhd (e)   
  • Cosc Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (e)
  • Créatif Academy (Global Art Academy Sdn. Bhd.) (e)  
  • Estherbelle Beauty Academy (e)  
  • Giochi Technologies Sdn Bhd (e)     
  • Global Story Academy Sdn Bhd (e)  
  • Harolds Pastry Academy Sdn Bhd (e)     
  • Institut Latihan Kemahiran Usaha Taat (a)  
  • Krasiva Advanced Aesthetic Beauty Academy (e) 
  • Malaysia Music Teachers Training College (e)   
  • Malaysian Nail Technicians & Make Up Artists Association (a)     
  • M Feng Make Up Academy (e)  
  • Million Hairstyling Academy (M) Sdn Bhd (e)  
  • Mission Business Academy Sdn Bhd (e)   
  • Mobius Space Creation Sdn Bhd (Mobius Academy) (e)  
  • NSIT Academy Sdn. Bhd. (e)   
  • Pusat Perkembangan & Motivasi Et (e)
  • QUARZ Global Sdn Bhd (e)     
  • Quenary Academy (e)  
  • Silver Boundaries Sdn Bhd (e)  
  • Teenro Academy (e)
  • Top Education Core Sdn Bhd (a)  
  • TQMY Group Sdn. Bhd. (e)  
  • Undo Academy Sdn. Bhd. (e)  
  • Viz9 Beauty Aesthetica Academy (e)
  • Wisdom Synergy Management Centre Sdn Bhd (e)  


  • NIG Inc. (a)


  • Education To Career Service Commerce Company Limited (Ed2Career) (a)  


  • Skills to Earn Private Limited (a)   


  • Eduplus International Academy (a)   


  • Coming soon…


1.) Centres listed above are for those located in the Greater China and ASEAN regions. For centres located outsides of Greater China and ASEAN, please refer to TQUK Head Office website for details.

2.) If you find a centre who claims to be an Approved or Endorsed Centre of TQUK, but it is not listed above, please email us at office@tquk-esea.org to verify its validity.