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Meet the ESEA Team

Daniel Au Yeung – Marketing Director

Daniel worked in the Food & Beverage industry as a Marketing Manager before joining TQUK ESEA. His role at TQUK involves branding, developing marketing strategies, overseeing all marketing materials, and working closely with the Business Development department on promotional campaigns and analysing any potential business opportunities. He is also responsible for ensuring our centres have the right information and knowledge with TQUK. He works closely with the creative team to produce high-quality marketing materials that catch everyone’s eyes.

Joana Ip – Business Development Director

Before joining TQUK ESEA, Joana has already been in business development and brand management for a decade. Her role in TQUK ESEA is to develop the business in different markets and ensure TQUK is well-penetrated in the targeted markets. She works closely with quality and operation teams for the benefit of the centres, making sure our centres and TQUK grow heavily together!

Daniel Tse – Quality Manager

I have called myself Daniel Tse for a long time. However, I ask my colleague to call me DT now as too many Daniel around me recently. More importantly, the name is not special and too common now!

Before I take up my current role, I have been working as an Accountant for a number of years. A sense of control and quality assurance is like my blood flowing in my brain and body day by day. So, here I am.

Elin Foo – Operations Assistant Manager

Jade Yip – Operations Officer

Dickson Tsoi – Quality Officer

Selfa Leung – HR & Administrative Officer

Miku Yau – Business Development Officer

Zonaira – Business Development Officer

Auset Wong – Business Development Officer

Vicky Kwok – Business Development Officer